Evaluating Gems Bonanza

8×8 grid brimming with cluster prizes waiting to be discovered.

Definitely not your standard game; a treasure trove of unexpected delights

Create winning formations by aligning symbols in rows, columns, or diagonals

With Gems Bonanza Slot, Pragmatic Play has gone in a new path, and we couldn’t be happier. The aesthetics of this slot machine are sure to impress, and the maximum payout can be worth up to 10,000 times your initial wager. While waiting for the higher winning combos, you won’t get bored. You’ll be glued to your screen by the cascading reels, spin modifiers, and the chance at 10x multipliers.

The British Gems Bonanza Slot Machine Is Here!

On October 29, 2020, Gems Bonanza will be available at a variety of UK-based online casinos. If you believe this sounds like the kind of slot you’d enjoy, you can play it for real money at a legit online casino by taking advantage of a welcome offer.

How to Win at the Slot Machine Game “Gems Bonanza”

The board for Gems Bonanza is 8 by 8. The beginning of a winning combination does not matter, as it might be horizontal, vertical, or clustered throughout any reel or row. The goal is to have any five or more identical gems land adjacent to each other.


In Gems Bonanza, all eight symbols are dazzling gemstones of various sizes, colors, and shapes. There are no other symbols or card suits on the reels. There are 64 symbols on the screen, so you have a good shot at getting a winning combination every time.

The wild is a golden square set with a spherical emerald, and it comes with the jewels. Ruby is the most precious stone, while sapphire is the least.


When you get five of a symbol in a row, either horizontally or vertically, you win. Each combination of 5, 6, 7, or 8 characters results in a different multiplication of the win. Success then occurs in groups of nine, ten, eleven, fifteen, twenty-four, and twenty-five.

The potential winnings for various combinations with a £2 wager are listed below.

Min / Max Bets for the Gems Bonanza

For each spin, you can increase or decrease your wager by 20 pence, giving you a total betting range of 0.20 pounds to 100 pounds on Gems Bonanza.

Payout, volatility, and hit frequency data for Gems Bonanza

The stakes are enormous, but the potential rewards are considerable as well. The developer rates it as a 5/5, so expect to wait longer for the major wins but be rewarded handsomely when they do come. The return to player percentage for Gems Bonanza is a respectable 96.51%, leaving a rather modest house edge of 3.49%.

Jackpot potential in Gems Bonanza

The lack of a progressive or fixed jackpot in this game from Pragmatic Play is not a deal breaker because immediate wins of up to 10,000x your total stake are possible. If the maximum bet is sufficiently large, the resulting payout might be quite substantial.

Features of the Gems Bonanza Slot Machine

The creator stuffed the reels with bonus elements that can significantly increase your profits if you strike it lucky, such as multipliers on every spin, cascading reels, and five modifiers. Let’s take a peek into the future, shall we?

Games using Wilds and Other Standard Components

In Gems Bonanza, the wild symbol can activate two separate game modes, each of which has its own special bonus feature. Two exciting game modes, Gem Wild and Lucky Wild, are included.

Flip Function

In Gems Bonanza, a win is indicated by a tumbling effect. When the reels create winning clusters, the individual symbols within those clusters are swapped out for new symbols, allowing for the creation of additional winning combinations.

Consists of Wilds and Alternating

One wild sign can trigger several different outcomes. There are five different alterations that may be made to the original game to either boost your chances of winning or activate a free spins bonus round.

When the cascading reels feature is activated, the modifiers flash into view behind the symbols in a variety of vibrant hues. The modifying terms become operational at the conclusion.

Each blue dot activates the nuclear modifier, wiping out all of your symbols and giving you a fresh start at the grid.

Each pink dot activates the Wild Gem feature, which allows for a random gem to substitute for a regular wild on the reels.

When you land on a brown spot, a square modifier is activated, and two by two winning blocks appear on the reels at random.

The red dot triggers the megasymbol that can cover an entire reel in winning combinations of 3×3, 4×4, or 5×5.

When the green button is pressed, anywhere from five and fifteen wild symbols will appear randomly on the reels.

The Progressive Gold Fever Game

Every time you hit a winning combination on the reels, you’ll earn points toward a progressive bonus round. This information is kept in the Aztec meter on the right side of your display.

Gold Fever is a bonus game with five playable levels. Each modifier is activated in turn, beginning with the first level. It comes with a 2x multiplier at the beginning, and another 2x multiplier at each subsequent level. Here’s how multipliers actually work in practice:

If you gather 114 winning symbols, you will advance to Level 1.

Multiply by 4 at Level 2 for 116 winning symbols

Gain 6x at Level 3 for a total of 120 winning symbols

Gain 8x on level 4 for a total of 125 winning symbols.

132 winning symbols equals Level 5’s 10x multiplier.

Free Turns in the Gems Bonanza

While Gems Bonanza does not include a free spins bonus, you will receive a series of consecutive spins whenever you form a winning cluster. We didn’t miss the free spins feature at all, thanks to the many exciting additions to the base game!

Visuals and Music

In Gems Bonanza, Pragmatic Play prioritized a design that was uncomplicated, refined, and thrilling. Each sign is a riot of color. The Aztec design on the background features crisp, colorful artwork. The music fits in perfectly with the subject and adds an authentic Aztec atmosphere.

Alternative Slot Machines for Fans of the Gems Bonanza Slot

Check out WMS’s Gems Gems Gems Slot if you’re interested in a game with a similar concept. This lightning-fast slot machine has a grand total of 20 reels spread across four different reel configurations. Each of these thrilling reals features 20 individual paylines. Aztec Gems Deluxe, a slot game by Pragmatic Play with a similar design and generous payouts, is also fun to try.

If you’re looking for a more sedate take on the same concept, Real Gems Slot is available from Microgaming. It’s a 243-payline, five-reel, three-row slot machine with gemstones and playing card suites. The RTP is 96.52%. The game’s reels frequently award a variety of additional bonuses.

Final Thoughts on the Gems Bonanza Slot Machine

Pragmatic Play’s yyyyGems Bonanza Slot revitalizes the formerly dull genre of gemstone-themed video slots. The game’s tumble and unique spin features will keep you entertained for a long time. With its large payoff potential and high quality visuals, this slot machine is sure to become a fan favorite at the casinos.






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