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Now that all the details of Money Cart 2 have been revealed, the sequel to Money Cart will no longer be shrouded in mystery. Money Cart is a reimagining of the popular slot machine by the same name by Relax Gaming, Money Train, which was at the time one of the most punishing train-themed slot machines available. The ‘Cart’ series takes a somewhat different approach. Players can avoid the difficulty of the standard game and get directly to the meat of the action. You don’t have to make a large stake or pay a lot to access the bonus round. Money Cart is built in such a manner that players get to experience one of the most famous hold ‘n win games around far more frequently than they would otherwise.

The fundamental game of Money Train was not very forgiving, and even the most seasoned gunslinger may have difficulties when free spins inevitably kicked in. Okay, never mind. As soon as Money Cart finishes downloading, the sky darkens, and a train, reminiscent to the one from the original game’s bonus round, rumbles into view, passing by canyons, dust, bones, and the local windmill’s constantly turning blades. It’s a more grounded take on the Wild West than the sequel, Money Train 2. Very little (if any) Steampunk elements remain, replaced with nice, clean Western-style mayhem.

The game’s great statistics package is another perk that comes with playing Money Cart. RTP is extremely important because it is the only positive aspect of the cart series. At that rate, almost nobody will say anything but nice things. Volatility is strong, scoring a 4 out of 5, and is comparable to the full Money Train version, however it is experienced differently. Bets range from 10 pence to £/€500 each spin, and players may play on any device from a tablet to a desktop computer.

Casino Slots Shopping Cart Options

When you press the spin button, the 20 squares on the 5×4 grid begin to move. Tumbleweeds occupy the majority of the spaces, however the respin function is activated by landing three or more purple bonus symbols.

Once triggered, you’ll receive 3 respin attempts, each of which will disclose a number equal to 0.1x your entire wager. The number of re-spins is set to 3 each time new symbols appear during a respin. In addition to the standard coin values (1–10), there are also unique modifier symbols that might appear to boost the final tally:

A symbol with the Payer icon shows a value and is added to any other symbols in view.

Every time you spin the reels, the value of the revealed “Persistent Payer” symbol is added to the values of all other symbols.

Reveals a value, then gathers all other values in view and adds them to the revealed one.

The Persistent Collector function is identical to the standard collector on that turn and all subsequent turns.

Opens an extra reel and exposes a value.

When all spins have been used and the game has ended, the players are given the total reward they have accumulated. To the left of the reels is a counter that clearly shows the monetary value of each symbol.

Slot Machine Cash Register Result

Money Cart is, like its forerunner, a brilliant idea that will undoubtedly appeal to many gamers despite their lack of feature buy funds. Although not every spin will provide the necessary three bonus symbols, the bonus game action is far more prevalent in Money Cart than it is in Money Train, and the massive base game grind is gone.

The reliable signs are the ones you should focus on. You’ve undoubtedly witnessed firsthand how devastating the persistent payer can be, whether in your own games or in those of others, and how frequently they become crucial in allowing the team to reach the game’s victory cap. A single persistent payer is optimal, although two or more might potentially be in play at once. When it happens, both persistent payers will spray their value on each other, and you’d better hang on to your hats. Anyway, this is just one of the wacky events that may occur in a very chaotic game of Money Train or Cart. While it’s true that many fantastic possibilities exist, it’s also important to remember that these games are quite risky and, more often than not, you’ll find more tumbleweeds than coins in your path.

Money Cart 2, on the other hand, is a formidable rival when put head-to-head with the original. You may spin in a more developed gaming environment, and there are more symbols to choose from, which could increase your chances of winning. Potential is not as fascinating a topic in Money Cart as it would seem at first. The game’s menu promises “Win up to 20,000,” but it’s not clear what currency that represents. A short review of the compensation structure, however, puts things in perspective. The maximum payout is 2,000 times your initial wager, or 20,000 coins. If you found the mechanism in Money Cart 2 to be unsatisfying, you may expect the same from Money Cart. Despite having a smaller maximum bet than their Money Cart counterparts, the Money Train games are nonetheless popular since each slot machine offers ten times the potential of the Money Cart games.

Nonetheless, Money Cart delivered a satisfying adventure thanks to its engaging gameplay and shortcut attitude. It’s a fantastic alternative for gamblers to have at their disposal, especially if they happen to be in a region where bonus buys are illegal. The action is intense, and the statistics are top-notch. Relax Gaming made a smart move with Money Cart 1 and 2, and now many are questioning whether the only thing left to do is release Money Train 3.






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